Live Free or Fight Monthly 20 Hosted by Jetpack Comics

Live Free or Fight Monthly 19 Hosted by Jetpack Comics

July 28th.

Anime continues to rein supreme because SFV is garbage and Tekken is too complicated for anime weebs to learn.
If you're running a bit late, just shoot either Ken Mitchell or Daniel Russell a message and we can hold up to 15 mins for you if need be.
There will be a limit of 4 tournament set ups per game, so once we hit 4 for the game, we will no longer waive venue. Feel free to set them up for casuals!
Will waive venue fee for bringing 3+people in your car or full set up (console, game with all dlc, monitor/crt). MESSAGE EITHER KEN MITCHELL OR DANIEL RUSSELL IF YOU PLAN TO BRING A SETUP.
Let us know if you need a ride! We can help set up a car pool for you, or pick you up at the Bus/train.
  • Doors open at 1
  • Sign ups for Smash Melee at 2, begins at 2:15
  • Sign ups for Smash 4 at 3, begins at 3:15
  • Sign ups for UNIST at 3:45, begins at 4
  • Sign ups for Tekken 7 at 5, begins at 5:15
  • Sign ups for Street Fighter V at 5, begins at 5:15
  • Sign ups for Dragon Ball Fighterz at 6, begins at 6:15
  • $7 total venue fee: $5 to Jetpack Comics, $2 to Live Free or Fight
  • $5 Entry for Smash Melee, Smash 4, Tekken 7, DBFZ and Street Fighter V. UNIST will be free (just like Richard Russell's Wagner).
It is expected of everyone to bring your own controller. Also, please don't wander off if you're still in bracket. Playing casuals is fine, we just ask that you report to your station as soon as you finish your casual.